Top Cow and Broadjam Present: Proximity Effect the Album

This album features Lisa jamming with some of the hottest indie bands during her tour around the country.
Featuring 13 mind-bending new tracks:

  1. Goldy Locks – “Don't”
  2. a girl named jaen – “Freaks”
  3. Brandy Rich – “Scared”
  4. Lisa B – “Supa Stah”
  5. Owl featuring Renae Geerlings – “Alive”
  6. Brandy Rich – “Did They Really Have a Clue?”
  7. Charity Chapman – “Closer to Perfect”
  8. Tapered Edges – “Drift Away”
  9. Deirdre Jones – “Rock Star”
  10. Roma Waterman – “Good for a girl”
  11. SONICRUSH – “Shine on me”
  12. Brandy Rich – “I'll Be Allright”
  13. Baby-foot (Jerome Curel) – “Move on out”

Listen to the tracks from the Proximity Effect Album at Broadjam. Also, check out Lisa's Broadjam page!